Gyal Flex - Hip Hop Yoga & Meditation

Gyal Flex - Hip Hop Yoga & Meditation

14th Jan 2018 10am - 11:30am

Event Details

New Year, New You

“New you”? Oh hell nah. Let’s flip the script; what are you keeping and doing more of in 2018, what needs to be left behind and bunned? Join us as we prepare the mind and body with a badass yoga and meditation class, ready to focus our energy and pour it into our intentions ready to live life just like Aunty Jill Scott preached, “Living my life like it’s golden”. Get your best handwriting at the ready as we set our good intentions in stone (Sharpie marker pens - same ting) and leave any bad vibes literally in the bin. 2018. It’s on boo.

We're also offering a limited number of tickets that include an exclusive discounted Book Club brunch with the Gyal Flex girls! Nyam some delicious food from a specially curated menu and ask them..well y’know almost anything!

Our events sell out quick time, so don't miss out, you know FOMO is a muva! BOOK YOUR TICKET. Bring your bredrins, bring the mandem and bring that good good energy.


What do I bring into the event?

We'll provide mats so no need to bring your own. Just bring yourself and your vibes.

I'm a man, can I come to Gyal Flex?

Absolutely - we love the mandem. Gyal Flex is for everyone - whether you're an experienced yogi, total newbie, flexi like Lexi, or tight like.. - come get your ohm on with us.