Art Macabre: The Mighty Boosh Special

Art Macabre: The Mighty Boosh Special

19th Nov 2016 1pm - 4pm

Event Details

Art Macabre invite you to a surreal sketching special! From evil grannies, Baileys loving sea creatures, urban crack foxes and sinister Cockneys, we celebrate everyone’s favourite cult British comedy, The Mighty Boosh. Expect tributes by our models to some classic characters and creations, as well as our own imaginary visions inspired by the colourful and wonderfully surreal world of the Boosh! Adventures in time and space, wandering narratives and songs as the soundtrack! Crayons and oil pastels, inks and pens at the ready for some fun and fantastical scribbling and doodlings!

Drawing materials and paper provided. Bring your own extras if you'd like, too. Drawing boards provided.

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Price: £10 - £17

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