Exhibition Launch: Article by Steven Wilson

Exhibition Launch: Article by Steven Wilson

26th May 2016 6pm - 10pm

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The exhibition runs from Thursday 26th May – 14th August.

The Book Club is pleased to invite you to Steven Wilson’s first solo show.
‘Article’ illustrates objects that people build a relationship with and are obsessive about. More than merely an object, the chosen items that Steven has illustrated are things that people develop a particular affection and love for.

The articles on display are each illustrated using isometric angles and created using methods including screen printing, laser cut and painting.

Each of the drawings will be printed in multiple ways across a different colour palette and with different finishes. For example one of the pieces, a classic chair print, will be reproduced on a dotty patterned paper, wood grained paper etc so although the drawing is the same, each print will take on a very different life.

A large wall mural feature will be created via a number of large vinyl stencils cut of the different objects and overlapping at different angles. They will then be painted and the stencil removed so we are left with a large line painting of all of the objects in the show.