P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A - Lost Male Identities, The Key To Modern Feminism?

P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A - Lost Male Identities, The Key To Modern Feminism?

20th Mar 2016 1pm - 3pm

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Every 2 months, P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A controversially takes one issue that is floating through popular culture, people’s minds and current conversations without perhaps being fully considered, examined, punctured, ‘popped’.

March's P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A, at The Book Club 'pops' notions of gender around the current fourth wave of feminism.

Across the media, new feminist voices are appearing in a vibrant way not seen since the 70's. However where that decade produced clear distinct voices like The Beauty Myth and The Female Eunuch, the current wave can seem more like a collage than coherent. 

What if that was because it is aiming in the wrong place and instead of focusing on female gender, identity and power dynamics, the real opportunity is to turn towards and re-frame the male counterpart. For the first time male identity is under question and attack in terms of a general lack of sense of narrative, self and role models that has not been the case in the previous waves of feminism. 

What if this represents a unique opportunity to finally mould, shape and alter the male, so it orientates around the female in an entirely new way. What if modern Feminism is now essentially about male empowerment?

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Price: £5