Freeing Your Natural Voice with Giles Abbott

Freeing Your Natural Voice with Giles Abbott

8th Feb 2020 10am - 5pm

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Have you ever wished your voice could be more compelling, mellifluous, attractive? Good - it is. Even just a little conscious work can quickly release a voice typically richer, more resonant, more charismatic than the habitual voice you currently, & wrongly, think is the only way you can speak. Voice expert Giles Abbott will teach you how to support your Voice so your words easily reach all corners of any room, carrying an emotive charge with every word so your listener’s don’t just hear what you mean, they feel it. Learn how to make nerves your friend, not your undoing! Learn how to release your natural, magnetic speaking voice, how to enhance & enrich it.

Giles Abbott is a highly experienced Voice Teacher & this course is suitable to speakers of any level of experience. Book your place now & take a step closer to your best voice!

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