Sex+ Zine: Women On Top -- Leadership from Bedroom To Boardroom

Sex+ Zine: Women On Top -- Leadership from Bedroom To Boardroom

18th Nov 2019 7pm - 9:30pm

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Women On Top: Leadership from Bedroom To Boardroom
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Sex+ Zine presents an expert panel exploring how to build leadership in the bedroom, boardroom and beyond!

Everyone has opportunities to lead in life. It might look like leading teams at work, leading ourselves through a creative process, leading a group of friends on a night out or leading your partner during sex. Leadership skills are transferable and essential to stay in your agency and empowerment, and make the most out of change. Leading is what catapults you into living our best life and doing more of what you love in the world.

In this unique panel we will explore how to use our sexuality as a catalyst for leadership and empowerment, including the following topics:

- How to find your authentic desires

- How to ask for what you want

- How to manage fear of loss and fear of rejection

- Erotic leadership 101 and how to use it beyond the bedroom

- How to supercharge your current leadership

- How to get comfortable with negotiation

- The role of intuition and the body in leadership

- Troubleshooting and what to do when it all goes wrong!


Kim Loliya (Chair)
Kim is a coach, educator and consultant specialising in women’s sexuality, pleasure and empowerment. Kim's practitioner work at The Pleasure Institute includes working with trauma, consent, shame, relationship difficulties and much more. Through body-based, practical tools, Kim creates a gentle healing space for singles and couples and offers new avenues for intimacy, joy and transformation. Outside of her clinic, Kim works as a speaker, facilitator and curator in the U.K and internationally and is the editor of sex+, a sex positive magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex and sexuality.

Leyya Sattar
Leyya is the co-founder of The Other Box, an award-winning company she founded in 2016 at the age of 25. The Other Box champions people of colour, and individuals from other underrepresented backgrounds, having now built a global community of 3000+ members worldwide. The Other Box runs workshops and training on unconscious bias, creates campaigns and events, and consults with companies on their D&I strategies to be more than tick-box exercises. Leyya was recently named a Forbes “100 Women Founders in Europe” and one of Ad Age’s “Women to Watch”.

Marti Birch
Marti is international facilitator and speaker specialising in women's empowerment and erotic leadership. With 11 years of experience in the sexuality field, Marti has created her own unique approach to transformation and education around consent, sex and relationships. Marti's background as a professional dominatrix enables her to imbue her teaching with intersectional feminism and politics, and provide a broader perspective around power and empathy. Marti is also a multi-disciplinary artist, using her work as a tool for storytelling, empowerment and survival in the world.

Poorna Bell
Poorna Bell is an award-winning journalist and author of 15 years, former Executive Editor and Global Lifestyle Head for HuffPost. She won Stylist's Rising Star award for 2019, Red magazine's Big Book Award for 2019, and was named as Marie Claire's top 30 women, and is one of Balance magazine's top 100 Wellness personalities. She has written for Red, The Telegraph, The Times, Stylist, I News, BBC, Guardian, Grazia. She is a published author with Simon & Schuster, her debut book is the acclaimed Chase The Rainbow and her award-winning, second book In Search of Silence is out now. She is an experienced public speaker, a regular contributor to BBC radio, and charity work includes being a judge for the Mind Media Awards and an ambassador for male suicide prevention charity CALM.

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