Self Compassion: A Luxury or Necessity ?

Self Compassion: A Luxury or Necessity ?

22nd Jun 2019 10:30am - 1:30pm

Event Details

Have you ever wondered how you can develop more self compassion? Have you ever thought how can I be kinder to myself? Have you ever considered how you could do this through art? Then this event is for you... Mind Canvas presents a workshop exploring compassion with the use of art. Art can convey a million messages and has been an age old way of expressing feelings. Find out how to use art to be more compassionate. 

 The workshop Includes ...... 1. A talk on Compassion delivered by Sheri Bateren a Cognitive Behavioural psychotherapist 

2. A short film capturing different artists perspectives on compassion and their art form

3. An art workshop delivered by Diana Chaccour an art therapist allowing you to experience the magic of art yourself. Find out how art can be part of your self care regime. 

4. A goody bag