Body Love Sketch Club presents... Life Drawing!

Body Love Sketch Club presents... Life Drawing!

30th Apr 2019 7pm - 9pm

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Join us for an artistic adventure in body positivity and creativity positivity!

A nourishing tonic to the daily bombardment of idealised and sexualised depictions of bodies in our media, the Body Love Sketch Club is a life drawing class like no other where you both draw and are drawn. We cast a joyful, loving and accepting eye over the (optionally) naked body, and tap into a playful and sensual creative practice, exploring our relationships with ourselves as both artist and model. Leave all negative judgements at the door (along with your clothes if you choose to shed them when you pose) in this fun and empowering class.

Throughout, we will have time at the end to reflect and share about our experiences of learning to look at the human body in new ways and to connect with our innate childlike creativity, and we will discuss ideas for how to nurture a sense of kindly embodied love towards ourselves and others through all aspects of our lives.

Testimonials from previous attendees:

'Beautifully held life drawing where you are invited to sit as well as sketch - revealing no more than you choose - but doing so in celebration of all the glory of bodies. Silly and moving and classy AF.'

'A life drawing class like no other where everybody is truly good enough and the only goal is to love the bodies you see and love the way you draw them, however that may be.'

'A truly welcoming space for creativity and self-expression.'

Ticket price £15, including all drawing materials. Body Love Sketch Club is founded on a principle of inclusivity and has a NOTAFLOF policy (no one turned away for lack of funds). If our ticket price is prohibitive to you, please drop us an email on to request a discount. 

Timings: please arrive by 6:45pm for a 7pm start. Latecomers may not be admitted.
A final note: inclusivity, safety, respect, confidentiality and consent are fundamental principles of Body Love Sketch Club sessions and all attendees are expected to uphold them. The organisers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave should their behaviour be deemed to be inappropriate.