'Looking for Men' - Dean Chalkley exhibition & Festival closing party

'Looking for Men' - Dean Chalkley exhibition & Festival closing party

19th Mar 2019 7pm - 10pm

Event Details

In partnership with Harry's, ‘Looking for Men’ will be a unique 'instant' exhibition by genius photographer Dean Chalkley in which he'll be attempting to shoot 100 men in one day at The Book Club venue. He'll be shooting on instant film and the images will immediately go up on a display wall to build up the exhibition in real time.

The tickets to the event will include the chance to be shot by Dean as the day reaches its conclusion, and entrance to a live podcast about the changing representations of men today, and what can be done to improve the way men see themsevles. This will feature Dean, Oscar from Acid Jazz Records, Matt Hiscock from Harry's, and Simon Gunning from CALM.

We will also be showing photos and films from Dean's archive showing his incredible work during the years which has delved into sub-cultures, music scenes, and masculinity.

Tickets also include access to an after-party to celebrate the end of The Festival of New Masculinity. It is going to be a big night...

All ticket proceeds will be going to CALM. Tickets available HERE!

Photo credit: Modernists #4, The New Faces, copyright Dean Chalkley.