The Penis Gallery

The Penis Gallery

26th Feb 2019 7pm - 10pm

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Unofficially dubbed ‘The Night of a Thousand Cocks’, this is an exhibition of men’s penises, aiming to raise serious points about men and the relationships with their own bodies. It comes at a time when sexual dysfunction is on the rise amongst young men, and surgical procedures like penis fillers are increasing – young men educated in sex through porn have a distorted view of what a male body should look like (and a woman’s, for that matter).

This exhibition is a retort to porn culture - no erections, flaccid penises only! – and deals with perennial locker room anxieties men still experience.

Part of The Book of Man's 'Festival of New Masculinity' a series of events running from Jan-March 2019 discussing the challenges facing men today and celebrating new thinking around masculinity.