Gamerdisco Winter Workout

Gamerdisco Winter Workout

16th Jan 2019 7:30pm - 11:59pm

Event Details

It's time to shake off those festive indulgences - well, maybe not all of them! Cheaper than a gym membership and more fun than an exercise video, we're having a WINTER WORKOUT. 

Fling those arms, duck and dive, we'll have a PUNCH-OUT Knock Out tournament, as well as a high score challenge on the absolutely barmy WiiWare oddity MUSCLE MARCH - strut your stuff and strike a pose to slip through the shape left in the wake of your opponent. 

But for those less-inclined to enjoy the 'active' part of 'interactive entertainment', we'll have a batch of the best multiplayer titles on PS4 available too, as well as an assortment of retro favourites for the nostalgia. Plus a soundtrack on the night of chiptune, game music, electronic, synthwave, and other assorted beats and bobs.