Don’t (be afraid to) Fuck it Up

Don’t (be afraid to) Fuck it Up

13th Feb 2019 7:30pm - 10pm

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Drag Make Up: Don't Fuck It Up
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A troupe of London drag queens, will bring their vibrant, unique and trail-blazing experience to lead a workshop on the politics of make-up.

We will be focusing on positive assurance and celebrating people for being who they want to be. Featuring discussions around empowerment and make-up, is it a shield, a confidence boost or both?

Struggling with confidence or self-acceptance? Come on down and give your input Everyone is welcome to ask questions both anonymously at the beginning, or in person during the event.

Together we will build a space where you can express yourself freely and in a safe environment, and share some invaluable performance, make-up and confidence tips.