Gamerdisco: Halloween Special!

Gamerdisco: Halloween Special!

17th Oct 2018 7:30pm - 11:30pm

Event Details

GamerDisco returns to The Book Club for a spooky night of ghoulish gaming!

PC showcase: Beware, Tokyo Dark, Castlevania, Jack Bros 2 & more!
Freeplay modded Wii with RE4, Pac Man VS and retro classics.

Music from 2xAA! Prizes for tournament winners (tournaments TBA) and best costumes.

More Details Below!


It's back...from the grave! A GamerDisco favourite, The Typing of the Dead is what happens when you take the light guns out of House of the Dead 2 and replace them with keyboards. Combat the zombie hordes through touch typing alone! Expect some bizarre phrases to flash on screen in this challenging and hilarious spin on the Sega series.

A delightful pixelly ghost-busting game, where your actions come back to haunt you. In the multiplayer mode, take on your opponents, then replay the stage with a little ghost copying the moves of the winner of the turn before. It's a scream!

We'll also have a couple of underappreciated asymmetric multiplayer gems for Wii U that fit the theme of the night perfectly. From NINTENDOLAND, we'll be playing LUIGI'S GHOST MANSION - one player controls a ghost through the gamepad, and the others have to find them via torchlight and the vibrations through the wii remote. Can the ghost grab the ghost hunters, or will the ghost hunters win? Another Wii U launch title, ZOMBI U, also has a multiplayer mode, with the gamepad player deploying armies of zombies for the poor humans to dispatch, be it with gun, grenade or cricket bat. Who will reign as King of the Zombies?

DARKSTALKERS - the ultimate Halloween fighting game! Featuring Capcom's legendary 2D sprite animation, prepare to witness some eye-poppingly crazy combat as a brilliantly-designed cast of vampire lords, kung-fu werewolves, sexy succubi, zombie rockstars, ghostly samurai and an Uzi-toting Red Riding Hood battle it out for control of the demon realm (or something). This is the rare Japan-only Dreamcast version called Vampire Chronicle which lets you mix-and-match playstyles from the first 3 Darkstalkers games and has some extra content as well.

RAINBOW COTTON - our bonus Dreamcast title for the evening, this is a super-cute rail shooter where you play an anime witch flying a broomstick through the night skies, zapping spirits and collecting sweets. Just imagine Starfox meets Kiki's Delivery Service :3


ALSO: for the first time at Gamerdisco, try a selection of Halloweeny (but very casual and easy to play) PC titles both old and new!

BEWARE - inspired by the developer's memories of growing up in 1970s Czechoslovakia, BEWARE sees you attempting to flee from the horrors of communism in the dead of night in a banged-up Skoda while cars full of terrifying masked goons (remember the film Drive?) try to run you off the road and beat you to a pulp. This original and very atmospheric driving game is one-of-a-kind and still in development. Imagine a next-gen Sega Rally, but set in Silent Hill...

Tokyo Dark - a spooky point-and-click adventure with an anime art style that looks like it's been lifted from a teenager's DeviantArt page, this is an absorbing psychological horror mystery that follows a female detective looking for her missing partner. Your every action affects your "SPIN" score (Sanity, Professionalism, Investigation, Neurosis) resulting in different options opening up to you, leading to one of 11 different endings (though we'll only have the first chapter available on the night). A great indie game for fans of creepypasta and the socializing segments of the Persona series.

Serio's Castlevania Fighter - an incredible fangame where heroes and monsters from the Castlevania series clash in explosive one-on-one Smash-style battles with all their signature moves and improved mobility (such as double jumps, slides, back dashes, air dashes and blocks). Basically, imagine the Richter vs Alucard fight in Symphony of the Night... but TWO player. Oh, and there are also some random bonus characters you can use, like Duke Nukem and Ronald McDonald (for some reason).

Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue - while it may not have the catchiest name, this totally unexpected gem was offered by Atlus as a free download late last year. It's a Metroidvania where you switch between Jack Frost and Pyro Jack (aka Jack Lantern) from the SMT series and use ice and fire magic via an Ikaruga-style polarity mechanic to traverse obstacles and defeat enemies. Absolutely awesome. 

Blasphemous - a Kickstarter title that is still in early development, this is a gothic hack-and-slash platformer with some of the best 2D spritework yet seen in an indie game. Could shape up to be something very special!

Terrordrome - a very cheesy Mortal Kombat ripoff featuring iconic heroes and villains from slasher movies. Want to see Freddy vs Jason, Ash from Evil Dead vs Michael Myers, Chuckie vs Pinhead, Ghostface vs Candyman? Here's your chance.

BLOOD (1997) - perhaps rivaling Doom as the most fun 90s FPS ever, Blood sees you as a gunslinger in a Southern Gothic tale of revenge. Use pitchforks, dynamite, flareguns, double tommyguns, voodoo dolls and (of course) a very satisfying shotgun to exact your retribution in spectacular fashion against crazed cultists, gargoyles, hellhounds and other monsters, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek quips and references to horror films along the way.



It's been a long time coming, but we're excited for the return of 2xAA to GamerDisco! Expect previews of new nanoloop tracks from the battery bandit himself. Or, as it's Halloween, make that 2xAAAAAAAAH!

Plus, DJ Jet Set Gory on hand as ever for a blend of the best video game originals, remixes, chiptune, lo-fi and assorted beats/electro/dance/etc. Plus expect a spooky twist with dark synthwave and bone-rattling rock'n'roll! Check out previous sets on our Mixcloud page:


FREE ENTRY / Over 18s only

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