GamerDisco: Pixel Party at The Book Club

GamerDisco: Pixel Party at The Book Club

19th Sep 2018 7:30pm - 12am

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GamerDisco returns to The Book Club for another night of big screen multiplayer gaming! FREE ENTRY!

This Month:
Classic Light Gun Games: POINT BLANK and TIME CRISIS
Dozens of FREEPLAY TITLES for Mega Drive and PS1/PS2!
More To Be Announced!

Music from NYOKEE!
DEALS on DRINKS! Bucket of 5 Bierra Moretti for £20! Buy 2 glasses of wine, get the whole bottle!

More Details Below!


Our games line-up on the night is jam-packed, with tournament and prizes, as well as plenty of top titles on free-play. It's a pixel party, so we've got ONE STRIKE for tense samurai one-on-one one-hit-kill combat, rendered in a pixelly style - think Bushido Blade meets Nidhogg! But if you prefer polygons to pixels, we'll have ROCKET LEAGUE back on the big screen at the Book Club once more - now the World Cup's been and gone, although football may not have come home, football + rocket powered cars never truly left our hearts!

We're also going to highlight a couple of underrated and little-played arcade curiosities from Japan, recently re-released through the ACA NEO GEO series. MONEY PUZZLE EXCHANGER (aka MONEY IDOL EXCHANGER) is a fabulous competitive puzzle game in which you swap out descending coins and fire them back to change the denomination, all with an idol/anime aesthetic. It's a lot more fun and exciting than it sounds! Plus, Sunsoft's colourful and crazy beat-em-up WAKU WAKU 7 not only sports some gorgeous sprites but a madcap sense of humour. It's something of a lost arcade gem that will surely delight fight fans as well as providing eye candy for everyone on the night.

Bit of an experimental setup this month as we aim to bring the Playstation lightgun classics POINT BLANK and Time Crisis to the big screen by hooking our CRT television up to the projector! That means players will shoot at the TV screen while everyone sees the image blown up on the wall. It's gonna be wild. 

POINT BLANK - a fantastic trilogy of madcap shooting gallery titles from Namco. Help the intrepid Bert-and-Ernie lookalikes Dr.Dan and Dr.Don escape from a perilous island plagued by ninjas, piranhas, falling meteors and various cardboard targets with some fast and frantic shooting.

TIME CRISIS - experience both the epic arcade original and the awesome PS1-exclusive special mode. RELOAD!

Plus: ELEMENTAL GEARBOLT - technically the rarest game on PS1, this astonishing hidden gem blends 2-player lightgun rail shooting with some RPG mechanics and a sweeping fantasy setting more reminiscent of Panzer Dragoon. Experience it while you can!

Meanwhile, enjoy a host of familiar favourites and hidden gems for the PS1/PS2, and a box full of classic carts for the Sega Megadrive.



We welcome Nyokeë to GamerDisco for a live performance. Nyokeë loves making chiptune pop and retro game inspired art, and she also adores Japanese culture and street fashion!

Plus, DJ Jet Set Rory on hand as ever for a blend of the best video game originals, remixes, chiptune, lo-fi and assorted beats/electro/dance/etc. Check out previous sets on our Mixcloud page:


FREE ENTRY / Over 18s only

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