Sex+ Presents: Ask The Sexpert!

Sex+ Presents: Ask The Sexpert!

24th Apr 2018 7pm - 9pm

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Do you have questions about sex? As sexperts we get asked lots, whether we're at an event or picking up a few bits in Sainsbury's, we've pretty much heard it all in the weirdest of places! Each question is slightly different, but we have spotted some underlying themes and thought we would address them publicly to share the information with as many people as possible. Due to poor sex education, societal shame and feeling like you're the only person with *that* problem, there is a lot of misinformation about sex, which is causing unhappiness for many.

For our first instalment, we will be focusing on sex in long-term relationships and will include:

- How to keep that spark alive after the first honeymoon period

- How to ask for what you want (and how to know what you want)

- What to do if there is something 'wrong' with your body or your partner's that's getting in the way of sex

- How to have difficult conversations about sex

- How to increase pleasure, desire and orgasmic capacity in your body (because you're worth it!)

Add YOUR voice!

Do you have a question that fits into the above themes? We would love to discuss it live on stage, feel free to submit it anonymously here.

The Sexperts

Caroline D’Arcy is a badass sex educator and female empowerment coach. Fascinated with human connection, sex and intimacy since she can remember and after a decade in the corporate world, Caroline has extensively studied how modern life effects our sex lives: ‘In our ever-accelerating world we are overstimulated, over-scheduled, and overwhelmed by images to live up to. We are under constant pressure to be successful, to be perfect, to be everything to everyone – the boss, the mother, the chef, the lover, the partner, the bank all with the
perfect yogini body and a smile on our faces. We cannot meet these impossible expectations and yet we decide we are failing. We then feel anxious and stressed, we become disconnected from ourselves, becoming less
capable of feeling pleasure. Our sex lives and ability to connect with another human being at the
deepest level dwindles away. I am determined to show how our bodies are our best friends and our ability to connect deeply and intimately with ourselves is the most beautiful and empowering way to energise every part of our lives.’

Kim Loliya is a sex educator and co-editor of sex+, a sex positive magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex. As a body-based coach at The Pleasure Institute, Kim specialises in women's sexual empowerment and healing, believing that sexual pleasure is our birthright and that overcoming sexual shame is the key to joyful, powerful lives and relationships. Kim is passionate about raising awareness of and treating pelvic pain, she candidly shares her own journey of pelvic healing in the hope of breaking down stigma and supporting more people on their own healing journey. Kim runs workshops and curates events on a variety of sex-related topics and is passionate about promoting inclusivity in the sexuality industry by leading Diversity For Sexuality Professionals - a practitioner group that provides support and best practice to widen access to sexuality-based services and training.

Phil Moore is the co-editor of sex+ and sex educator and body-based coach at The Pleasure Institute working to serve, nurture and expand the sexual landscape of her clients. She has over 15 years of experience of empowering others through mind and body in the areas of mindful, sensory based movement, clinical hypnotherapy and sensual touch: 'In 2012 I was a serially monogamous woman in her 50's with a diminishing sex life. I had a strong sense that being sexual and sensual were important components for a functional, as well as joyful, life as a human being. Since then I have trained as a sexuality coach, adding to my extensive portfolio of training and work in the mind/body therapeutic field. I view sexual autonomy as a bedrock of my sexual exploration and experiences and I also understand so much more about how to be in relationship and feel empowered to take the lead in sexual interactions. Above all, as a woman, I have found my sexual voice – I can, and do, ask for what I want – and I get it. I want to reach and support other women to experience more – more pleasure, more empowerment and more joy.'