Adventurers Wanted - Vagina Museum

Adventurers Wanted - Vagina Museum

16th Apr 2018 7pm - 10pm

Event Details

“The most fun hour at the Fringe” - Exeunt on Adventurers Wanted: Odyssey

Adventurers Wanted bring their trademark mix of tabletop gaming and performance to the Vagina Museum with an all-new show. Classic storytelling, improvised scenes, fateful dice rolls and a vivid soundtrack are combined to create a fantastical adventure told over the course of an evening. Whether you’re a theatre-lover or a gamer, join Adventurers Wanted for a show that’s by turns hilarious, tragic and dramatic - but always surprising.

In this unique adventure, four strangers wake up to find themselves imprisoned and soon realise they have to use all their strength, wits and ingenuity if they’re to escape a dark cult. Where the story goes is unknown - the characters' survival could come down to a single dice roll…