Sundance Kids Easter Thursday w/ DJ Fruit-Tella & JD Feva

Sundance Kids Easter Thursday w/ DJ Fruit-Tella & JD Feva

29th Mar 2018 8pm - 2am

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Sundance Kids are excited to bring you the second event in the Dancing For Mental Health series this Easter! Taking place on Thursday 29th of March at our home The Book Club in Shoreditch, we kick of the long Bank Holiday weekend with a night of Disco, funk Garage and more with £1 from every ticket will be donated to the mental health charity SANE.

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We’re putting on this party to fight the stigma that surrounds the label of mental ill-health. More than 1 in 3 people will experience a period of mental illness in their life, yet we are living in a culture that struggles to see mental illness for what it is - an illness. As a result, we have developed into a society that find it difficult to open up to our friends and families. 

SANE works to educate people about the realities of mental illness so that we can break down these tired old ideas. The hope is that this might change the way in which people think about their own mental health, and the mental health of others. This can aid people to get the help they need, and to make life easier. 

Dance music has always had a close relationship to mental health. People have long been able to find solace in the progressive and open environments that dance music tends to nurture. For this reason we’re inviting you to join us to have a dance, and raise awareness on what promises to be a cracking night of Disco, Funk, Electronic and Garage!


We're lucky enough to have a close friend who will be filming some clips of the night - just a heads up for those who are camera shy!

We will be operating a zero tolerance policy when it comes to aggressive, intimidating or discriminatory behaviour. We are trying to build a space in which people are comfortable being themselves whatever that means. If you see or hear something going on, let Felix or Kiran, or the bar or door staff know and we'll sort it out. See you down there!