Gal-dem storytelling: Nostalgia

Gal-dem storytelling: Nostalgia

27th Feb 2018 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Event Details

gal-dem are proud to be collaborating with SPARK to bring a live open mic storytelling event to London.

The theme: Nostalgia 

Come along, armed with a story harking back to the days of childhood, to the homes we’ve lived in and the spaces that we’ve been told were never ours to begin with. To the places we desire to return to and the feelings we’ve neatly boxed away and tied together with a song.

The only rule: your story has to be 5 minutes long (and no notes!)

We read stories from women and non-binary people of colour every day in spaces like gal-dem, but how often do we hear those stories out loud? How often do women and non-binary people of colour take the mic, for 5 minutes, uninterrupted, to tell their story?

On 27 February we’re creating a space where women and non-binary people can be seen and heard. We will bear witness to each others’ experiences: raw, funny, sad, heartwarming and anything in between.

Bring yourselves, bring a pal, bring a date - or two.


NB - This event is open to all, but please expect women and non-binary people of colour to be telling the majority of the stories.

If you’re a woman or non-binary person of colour and definitely want to tell a story, please email You will also have a chance to sign up throughout the night. 

gal-dem is a women and non-binary people of colour magazine and collective aimed at diversifying the media. We've have a yearly magazine in print, and we're run entirely on the voluntary dedication of a team of awesome women and non-binary people.

SPARK connect people through true stories. They host regular storytelling events across London, Glasgow, Preston and Bristol.

(Image by: Nadia Akingbule)